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Let Sleeping Cats LieI have shared my life with cats since I was a child and cannot imagine living without them. I try to capture their unique qualities in my art. I use acrylic paint because it washes easily out of cat fur when some of my models choose to take a more active role in the artistic process.

I am mostly self-taught; my formal training was limited to high school art classes and a couple of drawing courses at a community college over 30 years ago. I began painting in 1998 after the death of my one-eyed cat, Esmeralda. She had been my friend for 19 years; my early paintings were an effort to honor her memory and cope with my grief. I like to think that my artistic ability is a gift she left for me when she had to go to the Rainbow Bridge.

My work has been displayed at art galleries, craft fairs and cat shows. I am also the illustrator of “Good St. Dominic’s Cat,” a children's book by Ed Noonan, and my art appears on the covers of the Crazy Cat Lady mystery series of books by Mollie Hunt.

The Artist, Leslie Cobb

One of my primary goals is to use my art to benefit animals in need. I support animal shelters and rescue groups by donating artwork or a percentage of my sales to their fundraising events.

My studio is in Oregon, where I live with my feline family (and artist’s models) Tallulah Jane, Riley, Annabel, Genevieve, Vivian, Saffron, Nico, Herman and Delaney.

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For questions or to place an order, contact me at Please note that the colors of the paintings and prints may not appear exactly as they look on the computer screen. Computers are not all calibrated equally, and color reproduction on the Internet is not precise.

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